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It is 2024, the era of technology. People make great innovations. Like others, the operating devices are also updating speedily. To match the compatibility of modern devices, the Google Play Store keeps on releasing the latest versions. 

People with limited resources have low-end devices that are not compatible with the latest versions of apps. Same as with Loklok Mod Apk. No worries, the users of the Loklok Streaming app with low-end devices. I have great news for all of you. The Loklok Apk old versions has come with the solution. 

Unwind a vast array of features by downloading old versions of the Loklok app on your device. Mainly, the question arises in user’s minds that the old version never supports up-to-date content. It is wrong. The people who currently use the old version strongly agree with me. This version provides all basic features that satisfy the user’s needs.

The old versions come with a simple user interface. A plethora of content is available on this platform that is beyond anyone’s imagination. Now, no need to shift between several platforms like YouTube and Netflix to get desired content. Hence, all is available on one map. 

loklok Apk old versions

Dominating Features of Loklok App Old Versions

Content Riched in the App library

The old version provides a missive content library of universal creators. It gathers Hollywood, Tollywood, and Bollywood, TV Shows, Sports, and Web Series. It supports different countries, including Japan, the USA, Indonesia, China, and many more.  

Low Bandwidth

For users of low-end devices or with weak internet connections, the old version provides low bandwidths. This attribute is beneficial for users who are connected to their Samsung mobile data with low MBs. By adjusting the resolution settings, I enjoyed all the content of Loklok.    

official website

Create Personal Playlist

Loklok apk old versions let me create my watchlist to view later. I Bookmarked my favorite content, and it was added to the playlist. There is no restriction to add content to the list. I was free to add Korean Dramas, Films, Cartoons, or Indian web series to my list. The recommendation option available in old versions makes the searches narrow. 

Multilingual Subtitle Availability

All versions of Loklok eliminate the language barrier by providing multilingual subtitles. It supports all languages, including Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, and many others. Without worrying about the region, it let me select the subtitle of my native language.  

Categorized Content to Make Searches Narrow

The content overage of Loklok apk old versions is vast. It covers vast content to satisfy global users. Further, the content is categorized into genres to help the users to reach their desired content speedily. Loklok offers categories: horror, Thrill, Suspense, Comedy, Love, Romance, and Action.  

HD High-Quality Streaming

Video quality is the main reason people quit the old versions and move towards the new versions. They assume that the old version causes buffering and does not provide so good visual results. Let me correct you. The old version supports high-quality visual results. I am currently using the old version of the Loklok app. It allows me to adjust the video resolution up to 1080P.  

Privacy and Legality

User privacy and security mean a lot for the Loklok App. It is free from viruses and bugs. All the communications and the content are end-to-end encrypted. It keeps my personal information safe from unauthorized access. 

User-Friendly Interface

The interface is a thing that I get attached to. So, the straightforward interface of the old version is difficult to ignore. All the functions are quite visible on the home screen. I type in the search bar and get my favorite content trouble-free. 

Old Versions History of Loklok App

The developers have made certain new updates and changes in every newly released version to make it more sustainable. Let’s have a look at recent old version updates.

Version 2.9.0:

The bug has been fixed in this version for smooth play

Version 2.8.0:

certain improvements and bugs fixed.

Version 2.7.2:

Correct the errors by Bug fixing.

Version 2.5.0:

Make certain improvements and fix bugs. 

Version 2.1.0:

The new feature of gift availability while live streaming is added.

Version 2.0.1: 

The new feature of user reporting is added to this version. If someone is Disturbing you, direct report or block it.

Version 1.2.1:

The bugs have been fixed.

Sparkling Features of Loklok Apk Old Versions

Embark on the journey of limitless fun and joy with the availability of Mod features of old versions. Let’s give an eye to the features that the Mod version of Loklok provides.

  • Improved Searching Mechanism
  • No Buffering
  • Regular Updates
  • Fast and Unlimited Downloads
  • No VPN needed
  • Free of Cost
  • No Watermarks
  • No ads

How to Install Loklok Old Versions for Android or IOS Devices

All the old versions of Loklok are available on the Play Store or the official website. To get the Mod version must visit our website. The below-discussed guides help you a lot in installation.

  1. The first thing you need to do is activate the Unknown Sources functions from mobile settings.
  2. Visit our website, look for the desired version, and hit the download button.
  3. The next step is the installation of downloaded files.
  4. Open the installer and follow the on-screen guides to get the app installed.
  5. End up your side activities until installation is completed. 

Wind Up

Look no further than the Loklok old versions, If you hesitate in shifting to the latest version. The old versions offer all the latest and upgraded content. It is the best option for those who cannot shift to the latest version due to the shortage of resources. It is featured with the best options. Certain changes have been made to the new version. But still old version keeps its charm on peak by satisfying the user’s needs. 


Ans: Old versions of the app are not only available for Android devices. But, they smoothly work on Windows(7, 8, 10, 11), Smart TVs, Laptops, PCs (using BlueStacks emulator), iPads, and iPhone devices.

Ans: The old versions are the most trustworthy and stable to use on Android devices. They work smoothly.

Ans: This is the most appealing feature present in all old versions. It lets the users have many user accounts with the same email address. Users are free to set the name and code of their profile.

Ans: The old version with a simple user interface is compatible with all low-end devices. If it is not working on your device, ensure that your device is compatible with the specified version.


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