How to Play Loklok on TV in 2024? (Complete guide)

Are you an avid streamer who enjoys seeing your favorite films and television series on a large screen? You’re in luck if so! The Loklok live streaming app lets you enjoy watching movies from the comfort of your home. It works flawlessly on smart TVs, Android TVs, and other large displays.


We’ll walk you through the steps of installing and utilizing Loklok on several TV platforms in this in-depth guide, so you can easily immerse yourself in a world of never-ending pleasure. So, are you ready to learn how to play LokLok on TV?


Reasons to Use Loklok on TVs

Prior to getting into the specifics, let’s examine why play Loklok on your TV:

Improved Visual Experience

Your favorite entertainment looks much better on a larger screen, giving you the impression that you are watching in a movie theater.

No Interruptions

Say goodbye to calls and messages that arrive out of the blue and ruin your fun. You may fully immerse yourself in the content on your TV when Loklok is installed.

Effortless Comfort

Prolonged use of a mobile device can cause pressure on the shoulders and neck. You can relax on the couch without experiencing any physical pain while Loklok appears on your TV.


Loklok is a cost-effective choice because it provides its excellent content for free, in contrast to other streaming services that demand expensive membership fees.

Ad-Free Entertainment

With Loklok, you can pause or eliminate commercials while your TV is playing, giving you a continuous viewing experience.

Customizable Video Quality

With a range of video quality options from 144p to 1080p, Loklok allows you to customize the experience and guarantee a seamless and pleasurable streaming experience.

No Need to Sign Up

While many streaming services demand login credentials and personal information, you can play Loklok to access content directly and protect your privacy.

How to Play Loklok on TV Platforms?

Now that you are aware of the benefits of utilizing Loklok on your TV let’s look at how to play LokLok on TVs:

How to Play Loklok on ROKU?

It is quite easy to set up Loklok on your Roku device. You may access a world of entertainment directly on your TV screen with just a few easy steps.

  • Turn on your Roku device and plug it into the television.
  • Use Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable to connect to a reliable internet connection.
  • Open the Roku Channel Store and type “Loklok for TV” into the search bar.
  • Using your remote control, select the app, highlight it, and push “OK”.
  • To install the application, follow the on-screen directions.
  • After installation, play Loklok app from the home screen to start viewing your favorite media.

How to Play Loklok on Chromecast with Google TV?

You’re in luck if you own a Chromecast that works with Google TV! With this smart device, setting up Loklok is a breeze, making it simple for you to stream your preferred material.

  • Use an HDMI cable to connect the Chromecast with Google TV to your smart TV.
  • Make sure you have a reliable Wi-Fi internet connection.
  • Use your remote to go to the Google Play Store.
  • Look for “Loklok for TV” online and get the APK file.
  • Follow the on-screen guidelines to install the downloaded file.
  • Launch the Loklok app and finish the initial setup after installation.
  • Begin streaming the media you want to watch.

How to Play Loklok on Apple TV?

Apple TV owners, enjoy! It’s easy to add the magical experience of Loklok to your favorite Apple TV, and it will take your watching pleasure to new levels.

  • Switch on your Apple TV and link it to a smart TV.
  • Use the remote to access the Apple Store.
  • Use the Quick Search tab to look for “Loklok”.
  • Choose the application and press “Get” to start the installation process.
  • To finish the installation, enter your Apple ID password or use Face ID.
  • Open the Loklok menu selection as soon as it appears.
  • Finish the initial configuration and begin streaming.

How to Play Loklok on Android Smart TVs (Sony, Samsung, LG, Acer, Micromax, Linux, TCL, Toshiba)

Getting Loklok on board is simple for individuals who own Android Smart TVs from companies like Sony, Samsung, LG, and others. The flawless streaming experience it provides will wow you.

  • Turn on your Android TV and set up an internet connection.
  • Download the Loklok APK file from the official website and put it into your smartphone.
  • To transfer the APK file to your Android TV, open the Files app on your phone.
  • Allow apps from unknown sources to be installed on your Android TV.
  • Launch the APK file, then wait while the installation is finished.
  • Launch the Loklok app to start viewing your chosen television series and films.

How to Play the Loklok app on Amazon Fire TV Stick?

With Loklok on the Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can turn any ordinary TV into a streaming powerhouse. With only a little setup, you’ll have access to an enormous library of entertainment.

  • Make sure you have an uninterrupted internet connection and connect your Fire TV Stick to your TV via an HDMI connector.
  • Use the remote control or voice commands to navigate with Alexa.
  • Select “Verify Apps” under the Security tab after opening Device Preferences.
  • Launch the App Store, look up “Downloader,” and download and install it.
  • Open the Downloader app and consent to the installation of APK files.
  • Return to the home screen, look for the Loklok APK, and download it.
  • Download and install the Loklok app, then open it to start streaming.

Summing It Up

In the world of streaming, Loklok is revolutionary since it provides an extensive library of material and flawless integration with several TV platforms. On your Android TV, smart TV, or other compatible device, you can effortlessly install and utilize Loklok by following the instructions in this article.

Loklok guarantees an ad-free viewing experience, adjustable video quality, and an easy-to-use interface so you can fully immerse yourself in your favorite shows and movies. So, don’t hesitate as you now know how to play LokLok on TV. Grab your remote, press the menu, and voila—a world of entertainment appears on your TV screen!

FAQ,s Frequently Asked Questions

Ans, Yes. As Loklok is made to work with a variety of casting devices, you can cast your preferred media straight to your television.

Ans, Yes, Android TV platforms support the Loklok app. To install and utilize the app on your Android TV, simply follow the previously mentioned procedures.

Ans, No, you don’t need to register or sign in to use Loklok. All you need to do is install the app on your TV and start watching your favorite shows right away without any formalities.

Ans, Yes, Loklok gives you the freedom to adjust the video quality to your liking. With options ranging from 144p to 1080p, you can be sure that your streaming experience will be at its best.

Yes, Loklok is a free streaming service without a membership cost. A large number of films, TV series, and other media are available to you without charge.

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